Boy sitting in wheelchair outside wearing a stylish lilac print dribble bib.

Creating The Perfect Dribble Bib

As a baby Mikey wasn't a big dribbler, he didn't give us much of an indication he was teething then suddenly, we would spot a little toothy peg in his mouth! However that changed as he got a bit older and he started to constantly dribble. Mikey is diagnosed with Sialhorrea, for some kids this means they don't have the oral control to completely manage normal swallowing, for Mikey it means he isn't aware of the need to regularly swallow his saliva.


At first we managed with regular baby bibs, but as he grew and his dribbling increased, we realised we needed something more absorbent. Bibs also started getting a bit too small, and we couldn't find any designs or colours for kids not babies. Mikey was about 4 at this stage so we felt he shouldn't have to wear bibs covered in ducklings and cutesy prints. He also needed some plain bibs to go with his school uniform.


It felt like we tried every bib on the market, nothing was absorbent enough or the right size. So when we can't find it we make it! And after much trial and error we released our dribble bibs in Sep 2021. Our bibs have been tried and tested by not only our son Mikey, but also many kids in our local community who struggle with saliva control.


What makes our bibs awesome...

  • Absorbency - Able Co. bibs have 3 layers to ensure they keep chests dry. The top cotton layer absorbs drool but also looks great, our super absorbent middle layer means they don't soak through, and the stay dry backing is super soft and keeps looking great wash after wash.
  • Fabrics - We use great quality, ethically sourced fabrics that look good, feel good and don't cause irritation.
  • Design - We like to think of our bibs as functional fashion. They complement rather than distract from an outfit. No baby prints here! Only modern prints and colours for kids, teens and even adults.
  • Size - Our bibs are designed for kids not babies so they are larger than baby bibs without being over the top. Multiple snaps mean they are adjustable for different ages and needs.
  • Shape - We prefer a bandana bib style so we opted for a modern shape. It was important we avoided 2 things, 1; lots of folds causing dribble to run right off, 2; bunching under the chin that caused Mikey irritation and rashes. We created a flat bib that is functional, stylish and maintains it's shape.
  • No plastic - Aside from the negative impact on the environment, plastic doesn't breathe and can cause mould build up inside the bib that you can't see. So our dribble bibs do not contain any plastic or PUL materials. 
  • Ethical - We are proud to produce our bibs ethically, from fabric sourcing to sewing and packaging our bibs are ethically manufactured in Indonesia by an amazing dedicated team.


If you want to give them a try check out our range here.

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