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Able Collective is a brand dedicated to celebrating all abilities and promoting disability inclusion.

  • Some people are faced with challenges which impact their ability to perform certain tasks such as speaking, walking and decision making, just to name a few. These are tasks many of us take for granted.

    When a child is diagnosed with a disability it can be overwhelming for the parents. Our thoughts wander to “what won’t my child be able to do or achieve? and how hard will their life be?”. We often doubt our ability to be everything our child will need. But guess what, disability does not mean tragedy! People with disabilities are capable, valuable members of society and need to be respected and included like everyone else. Unfortunately to many people disability is still portrayed in such a negative way but we want to do our part to change that! Our lives are rich and wonderful thanks to the diversity that surrounds us. Lets step outside of our comfort zone and learn how we can be kind and inclusive to EVERYONE!

Our son Mikey had an abrupt and scary arrival into the world after suffering a lack of oxygen before he was born. We knew at 5 days old that Mikey would be faced with some pretty big challenges throughout his life. We have always maintained a positive outlook on Mikey's life, creating as many opportunities for success as possible.

We want to teach Mikey to be proud of his disabilities. To know that there are things he can't do and that's ok, we all do things differently. He doesn't have to strive to have a wider range of abilities, what he can do is great!

Mikey is a bright, bubbly happy kid. He lights up any room he rolls into with his enthusiasm for life! He plays the drums, lives for LOUD rock music and hot chips.

Mikey also has a very cheeky little brother Finn and an amazing dad Andy. We live in sunny Western Australia and love having dance parties daily.

We get to celebrate every little thing Mikey achieves and it’s magical. He has so many wonderful abilities and he brings so much joy and happiness to the world.

It’s time to shift the focus. We must value and include all bodies and support them on their journey to greatness!

Join the Able Collective family #chooseinclusion

Emma and Mikey xx

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