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Able Collective

Wheelchair Spoke Wraps

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Now you can pimp your wheelchair with our colourful spoke wraps!

Normally when kids get their wheelchair it comes with set coloured spokes or spoke guards that they have to stick with for the life of their chair. Some kids outgrow the design or get bored of it. All wheelchair users should be able to customise the look of their wheelchair whenever they want, and now they can! These spoke covers are perfect for every day use, and are also great for special occasions like Christmas, school events like sports carnival, dress up, book week, parties, halloween and so much more!

QUANTITY | 36 spokes per pack - Please check your wheelchair to order the correct amount of covers to suit your chair. The number of spokes per wheel do differ from chair to chair. Most wheels have 24 or 36 spokes. So you'll need to order 2 packs for 1 wheelchair. Check out our image more info on wheelchair spokes.

SIZE | Our spoke wraps fit 24 inch wheels or smaller. They can easily be cut to size with regular scissors for smaller wheels.

RAINBOW | Our rainbow set comes with an assortment of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue and sky blue coloured wraps.