Able Co. is at an exciting point of expansion. We have so many great adaptive products lined up to make life easier, more stylish and inclusive for kids everywhere. We started as a small brand celebrating mighty little kids facing big battles, and have become so much more! We are now a community of like minded people sharing, supporting, educating and creating products that help.

The Able Co. brand was inspired by my son Mikey and has adjusted and grown according to Mikey's needs, and the needs of people we meet in the community. We are so proud of what we have created but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have so much more to offer!

Why do we need you?

Able Co. is run solely by me Emma, aka Mikey's mum. We don't have business partners or fancy investors, no grants or warehouse, just a corner at the back of our fully stuffed house and lots of passion! In order to move forward, to grow and create everything our customers want and need, we need a cash injection. It's quite amazing we've got this far without it!

I've thought about asking for help many time and always get too scared and back down, I've never been good at asking for help. I've looked at Kickstarter, GoFundMe and other platforms but I don't want donations or investment going into fees. We've looked at partners/investment options but it's difficult to find people super passionate about accessibility and disabilty inclusion. So here we are putting our brand out there, asking for your help to grow.

    • How are we expanding the Able Co. brand?

      • Adaptive clothing including jumpers, bathers, pants and onesies
      • AFO socks
      • Change mats
      • Wheelchair accessories

      How can we donate?

      Donations can be made right here on our website using any of our payment methods. Choosing to pay with your Shopify Pay account will mean no fees will come out of your donation. You can also pay direct into our business PayPal account. Please see the options below.
      You will receive a receipt for your donation, please note as we are a business not a charity donations are not tax deductable.

      Thank you so much for your belief in our brand and your support in helping us grow.

    • How will my donation help?

      Product development is not a cheap process! While we've already spend countless hours and money on drawing, designing and sampling new products, along with consulting with the community and therapists, we still have more work to do. Donations initially will be put towards:

      • Designing and sampling new adaptive clothing and accessories
      • Ordering products - the minimum order requirements are difficult for a small business like ours
      • Expanding our current ranges to include more colour/pattern and sizing options

      If we can secure enough funding to grow donations will later be put towards:

      • Securing a warehouse for storage, packaging and product development
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