Planning an Inclusive Christmas

Planning an Inclusive Christmas

If you’re planning a Christmas Day celebration there are a few things you can do to make it more inclusive. Even just trying to implement 1-2 things on this list could make it a much more enjoyable event for everyone.

  • Make sure all spaces are accessible. Plan the space so there is plenty of room to move.
  • Consider keeping a space free out the front for parking. There is often a lot of equipment to unload.
  • Consider toileting needs, maybe have a bedroom setup for changing.
  • Try to keep music levels low so it isn’t too loud and overwhelming.
  • Think about a comfy safe space kids can enjoy out of their wheelchair, maybe a rug on the floor, it’s likely they don’t want to be sat in their chair all day. Make sure it’s somewhere they will still be involved in the celebrations.
  • Have a quiet place available for kids who may get overwhelmed.
  • Have a varied menu, this is pretty standard in most households on Christmas day but consider dietary needs and allergies when planning the menu.
  • Food is a big part of Christmas but not everyone eats. Consider how kids that don’t eat orally can be involved in the preparation or serving on the day. If they can have a taste maybe have things like icy poles available.
  • If someone attending is vision impaired have someone serving food for everyone, explaining what each dish is.
  • Unwrapping gifts can be tough for some kids so try and make it as easy as possible to unwrap. Even get others kids involved to help.
  • If you’re planning games think of how everyone can be included.
  • Be understanding if it’s all too much and someone has to leave early or can’t attend in the first place


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